Yes there is “I” in Independence.

SolitudeIt is very popular to be “selfless” these days.

We’re often motivated by social compulsion.   We are trained to be “good people”.  Often we derive our self worth from what we can do for others. This can lead to an atrophy of our own gift of self expression, which, in fact, needs to be cultivated. In Solitude.

Spend time alone in quiet meditation.
Hone your craft.
Pursue your art.
Float down the river.
Be still.


These all cultivate the truth — Our true nature.  Not being sold out to someone else’s expectations.  These actions turn down the noise of the compulsory actions, which have been layered upon us by the institutions and the authorities.  Not loneliness, but loveliness;  this blossoms in our hearts.

In these times, which are lucky indeed, we have the freedom, the health, and the time, to cultivate ourselves.

Perhaps this may serve as a timeless definition of the true meaning of Independence Day.

Giving of one self is a byproduct of the abundance of a courageous heart who enjoys its own company, and understands with its own wisdom.  Completely undiluted.  Giving freely comes from a well that is full.  It allows us to offer a drink to those we encounter.

So this Independence day, do something nice for yourself and fill your heart with your own self love.

And share that love, like the sun so freely shares its light with us.


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