Insights from students & colleagues

John is one of the best Yoga Teachers at YogaWorks L.A.

“I had the honor of opening and managing YogaWorks, one of the largest yoga studio’s in the country. I selected wisely when I was hiring my teaching staff because of YogaWorks reputation for having the best teachers in the Los Angeles area. I was excited to bring John Arnold to our studio.  He was one of our most popular teachers. He is missed by his students, staff, and fellow teacher’s. I highly recommend John in being a part of any studio or business servicing the wellness community. He would be an asset to any business. “

-Paulette Dwyer, former Regional Manager of YogaWorks, Westlake Village, CA

John always gives 150% to his clients

“I have known John for almost 10 years and have found him to be an intelligent, caring individual who always gives 150% to his clients and his work. As an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years of experience , I have been continually impressed with the breadth of knowledge John possesses in the skeletal, muscular and body systems. He quickly evaluates functional and structural abnormalities in his clients and provides appropriate treatment with wonderful therapeutic results. He is an astute observer of human nature and easily relates to all, giving his unique perspective and philosophy when approached. He has had extensive training with “masters” in the field of HellerWork, Massage Therapy and Yoga and has been honing these skills for over 30 years by conducting classes, seminars and private bodywork sessions. He is truly an expert and skilled clinician with a profound understanding of the human body that can only be gained through experience. John is extremely well liked in the community and develops immediate rapport with everyone.”

-Nadean Dyer, Occupational Therapist, Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful teacher

“We both think that you are a wonderful teacher.  We have thoroughly enjoyed your classes in Lithia Park!”

-Sarah & Kevin Higgins, Students, Ashland, OR

John is a Miracle Man

From Rose’s Bio on her Sacred Rose Yoga “About Me” page: “Rose first discovered yoga when she began to notice curious changes in her father, whom she affectionately calls “Buba” (daddy in Farsi). Buba was no longer recognizable to her. When she inquired, he told her the story of a miracle man named John Arnold. Wildly fascinated by this John who had bewitched her loving but stressed and hardened father, she stepped into his humble abode and much to her surprise walked into a path that would carry her for years to come.”

-Rose Ghavami, Owner of Sacred Rose Yoga, Los Angeles, CA

You’ve made a real difference

“Thank you, John.  Yoga with your instructioning and guidance has made a real difference.  Thanks, John!”

-Christl Baker, Student, Thousand Oaks, CA

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