Need a “Kick in the pants”?

HearthFor me, it often seems so tempting to sleep in during these dark Oregon winter months, and over-indulging in all of the glorious Holiday foods this time of year.

Needing a little “kick in the pants” to stay the course this Holiday Season?

Yeah, me, too .

The truth is, my yoga practice is what keeps me feeling good and helps me make good choices.  In the summer and in the winter.

A consistent year-round Morning Yoga practice has been such an integral part of my well-being for so many years. I am so grateful to my body and my willingness to maintain my practice.  You see, my body functions at it’s optimum level when it is super warm inside.

Which is why I love to teach yoga classes to the community.

Especially during the Holidays & Winter months.

Let’s face it:  It can be hard going at it alone.

I am so honored to invite you to join the group of us that meet twice a week as the sun is rising.

It’s back for the second year in a row:  Crack of Dawn Yoga!

Wednesday & Saturday Mornings @ 7:00 a.m., starting on December 3rd.  We meet at The Ashland Yoga Center 
(my favorite studio in town — huge thank you to Vanessa Scott for her service to the community!)

Our spectacular group of yoga participants are here for you.  The human family needs gatherings of this sort — fortunately yoga is the spirit creating the hearth that nourishes our culture by providing life, friendly family & good vibes for all.

It’s this time of year, wintertime, to create some serious internal heat:


Yes, that’s what this yoga class will do for you.

Our first yoga class is on Wednesday morning, December 3rd
(yes,  six days after Thanksgiving).

We will even meet through the holidays
(yes, even New Years Eve & Christmas Eve —  Bring your family & Friends!) .

Our Winter series will run through the end of February.
(so, get it while you can: )

I’m so grateful to know you.

Light + Love,


PS  This is a grassroots marketing effort — thank you in advance for your support.  If you would like to download a flyer and share it with your friends, please click here.

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