For the Friends We Set Free

Happy Friendsgiving

Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

There is a different voice for them all

The words come to us from a place here inside

Deep and tender in winter moods to summer’s laughing ride

Stronger than the will is the surrounding sphere of light

Deep and somber through a sonnets winter’s night

Running through magnificent leaves that fall

Singing to the buds of spring, celebrating life for all

Yes, we are nature’s children here and now

From a pointy headed engineer to milker of the cow

We sing our song that fits the changing of the year

As time will bring some joy and surely sorrow’s tear

For we can’t grasp and hold all of life in this world of light and dark

But only sense for now the silk of human touch to ages flaking bark

Through fields of flowers and even volcanic trembling earth

Our lives are but seasons, winter’s darkling dream to springtime’s waking birth

~ John Arnold, November 2013 – inspired by the concept of “Friendsgiving”

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