Who is John Arnold?

John teaching in Ashland, OR

At a young age, a near-death experience shifted John’s spiritual quest. He found himself at the most solemn and profound crossroads.

Thankfully, John’s life since has been filled with the joys of a continually unfolding discovery toward being true to self while giving back to his community. One of the ways he gives back is by teaching yoga classes.  To honor this, all of his classes are donation based.

His first certification course was with Bikram Choudry at the Yoga College of India.  Over the years, he has also contributed his studies with such teachers as Martin Jackson, Kali Rey, Max Thomas, John Friend and Chuck Miller.

While exploring yoga philosophy, he was also drawn to other healing ways of knowledge, which he integrates into his yoga classes.   His bodywork philosophy combines physical body realignment with spiritual principles, which stems from intense studies with Joseph Heller.

John has over 30 years of bodywork and yoga experience.  His daily meditation and unique yoga practice and teachings help many to reduce stress, increase circulation, improve digestion & create peace of mind.  He spends his time between Ashland, Oregon and Malibu, California.


Outside of his Yoga and Bodywork practice, John is a creative artist, expert craftsman and avid gardener, and a professional facilities manager.  To learn more about these services, please visit these websites:

Contact info:

  • (email) yogawithjohnarnold@gmail.com
  • (office) (541) 708-1176
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