A Real Skill Worth Developing

Rely On Nature.jpgYes, my sweet Yoga Practitioner,

There is energy out there.

It’s in the air in the sun in the music of the wind and song of birds.

We as part of this modern human family can rely on nature to fill in where living in man made buildings leaves off.

To slip away from the tyranny of modern appliances is a real skill worth developing.

All those perceived emergencies requiring our attention wind up the body and mind in a way which seems to somehow miss the mark of feeling whole and comfortable in our skin.

In my experience, Ashland, Oregon is the perfect place to experiment with alternatives to the over load of information, emotions, and unfinished business of the mind often bottled up inside the human psyche from living too long inside the walls.

Here in our town we have each other to support a movement diverging from some of those feelings of things out of balance or yet unclear.  Our outdoor yoga practice in Lithia Park (entering our 4th year!)  is truly a step through that threshold to the safe healing sanctuary of wilderness. A place for the free.

So come on out on our kickoff day:  This Thursday, June 19th.  There’s plenty of room for everybody.


Light + Love,


PS  This is a grassroots marketing effort.  Can you please help by…

1)  Forwarding this email to a friend
2)  Post this link on Facebook to spread the word
3)  Print up a few flyers and give them to friends/family members/share with social groups (click here for a PDF)

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