A man I did not expect to meet

theheartandmindI met a true pioneer today.

It was a man that I did not expect to meet. The truth is, my mind had pre-judged him, and I expected him to cause me a lot of trouble, and irritate my overactive melancholia.

However, upon our meeting, I found the opposite to be true.  He soon impressed me with his friendly and easy nature, coupled with bright and witty conversation.  I particularly enjoyed his clear and powerful voice.  It reminded me of my  teacher Yogi Martin Jackson of South Africa many years back.

His personal lifetime accomplishments at 83 years young were indeed impressive, too (3x runner of the Pacific Crest trail and 2x runner across the continental United State …as I said, quite impressive).  He plans to run the Pacific Crest Trail one last time before he hits 85.  But he’s not positive if he’ll stop, even then.

But what impressed me the most about his character was his longevity.

His ability to keep going, for so long.

This, to me, is a testament in his dedicated action.

For him, it was not just ideas and words.

We all have the road before us, and surely there are times ahead of all of us where we will encounter steep inclines, deep valleys, the heat, the wet, the wind. Yes, there will be mosquitoes and gnats. Perhaps poor sleeping conditions, noise and fumes, gray & cold winters, and many other countless distractions and temptations to alter our course.  There will be despair and loneliness, and even feelings that feel so real that the world is conspiring against us.

But even as the chaos of the world sometimes seems to overpower us, we can be assured that it will pass.  And life, much like the surface of the sea, will become calm and beautiful again.  The air will smell sweet, and the wind will be at our backs.

So, what is it, exactly, that gives us solace when things seem in question, or seem confusing, or are simply too much to handle?

It is my belief that the heart and body know what to do, even when the mind is at a loss for a solution.  Simply by moving the lungs, heart and blood, this allows us to make a conscious shift.  A shift that allows us to see beyond something that might seem like an oversized obstacle.

Establishing sessions with yourself by setting aside time, to accomplish that movement everyday, and staying true to that regenerating routine faithfully.  And then doing this with purpose, a reason, the big “Why”….. this is how I have been able to maintain my solace.  And apparently my newfound 83 year old friend has found it by doing the same.

Many are inspired by causes and charities. Or by the Higher Power of Spiritual Attunement.  Perhaps for a loved one, or to overcome an obstacle like a life threatening illness.

Though there are many reasons we as citizens of this big world are motivated to do good work in order to get out of a selfish state of being, perhaps a “good” might also be spending time loving yourself and treating yourself to time well spent, complete with all the goodies we usually give away.

Time for meditation, for art, for self care…or for running across the United States (of course, if that is what you love….)

Yes.  Your own company.

What better company can you find?


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